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Everyday Denim Outfit Reviews

Everyday Denim Outfit Reviews

Mamma Mia 2 - Young Donna's Dungarees

"I have absolutely nothing mapped out... no clue what the future holds. 

- Young Donna

A Horse In A Storm

     So today we're looking at young Donna's denim dungarees (played by Lily James), which is by far the most iconic outfit in the movie. Right before the scene featuring the iconic dungarees Donna discovers a horse tied in the basement of a derelict building during a storm, so she runs out onto the road and discovers Sam (Jeremy Irvine) who is passing by on his motorcycle. Working together Donna and Sam sooth and calm the horse, and not long after the storm subsides. Afterwards they relax under a tree and get to know each other a little. Sam admits he's run a way from his life in England to take a break, living in a shack on a hill, because back home his whole future had been lined up for him, no surprises left, completely mapped out. Donna in stark contrast shrugs and explains she has no plans at all. Typically Donna she is blunt, honest, and speaks her true self.

The Dungarees

"You really don't know me at all, do you?" 

- Young Donna

     Donna and Sam arrive in the nearby village and Donna disappears into a clothes shop while Sam browses the dresses on display outside. He picks out a cute and dainty floral lace blue dress. As Donna emerges from shop Sam turns stating "This dress, might look very pretty on-" then cuts off speechless as he lays his on Donna, wearing her blue denim loose fit dungarees. Sam smiles in shock and looks Donna up and down, she proclaims "You really don't know me at all, do you?", then does a little "Meryl shuffle" dungaree dance. What's the message here? Donna has no intention nor inclination to adhere to what's expected of her, nor what is typical for a woman of the time. Donna is always and without fail true to herself and cemented in her own identity. The dungaree outfit is a statement that she is comfortable in who she is and what she wears, and she wears it with such confidence that it would seem absurd to even suggest she would wear a little dainty dress.


     The wide straight leg catches the eye immediately with these dungarees which is a style we're seeing an increasing demand for. Here Donna has rolled up the pants to ankle height allowing for a comfy and practical wear. The ruffled patchwork pockets either side really set Donna's confident posture. What's really unusual about this custom made dungaree is the small front bib, we've been searching far and wide for anything similar and have yet to find anything (please comment below if you do!). The dungaree closes with a metal clasp either side of the bib along with five matching buttons on both sides behind the pockets. The material appears to be a very light textured denim, or as I suspect a cotton blend dyed to look like denim. In any case this is a truly iconic dungaree and a testament to this bold and confident look. For a five percent discount on your cart use promo code DONNAJEANS178

Wide Leg Denim Bib Dungarees

Cute, classic, comfortable.

Skinny High Waist Denim Dungarees

Classic, stylish, sexy.

Straight Leg Denim Bib Dungarees

Clean, cute, elegant.

The Conclusion

These denim dungarees personify Donna. Her individuality, her openness, and her confidence to simply be true to herself. The dungarees by themselves are a wonderful garment but it is how and when Donna wears them that they become something more. 

Donna is a testament to how it is not what you wear that is important, but how you wear it.

"It ended up being a look that defined her."

- Meryl Streep via "Flicks And The City Clips"

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