Wide Straight Leg Denim Bib Dungarees

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Clean, cute, elegant.

Clean smooth lines make this seemingly classical dungaree turn every head in the room. Subtle and elegant but just so well put together this is a stand-out dungaree and one of our all time favourites. Featuring a large crest shaped chest patchwork pocket with subtle stitching around the waist and up the back, the stitching frames the outfit and your natural curves. The bib is hooked over the back via adjustable straps onto metal buttons, the hooks themselves are also metal so together they add a touch of bling that catches the eye and plays off of the matte blue denim. 

Those clean wide ankle length straight legs are what sets this dungaree apart from the crowd. Featuring side pockets on both sides placed at an angle that works with the clean flowy lines of the patchwork stitching. This is a must for any discerning denim fan and it will quickly become the star pieces in your collection.

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