Long Fluffy Hood Denim Coat

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Comfy, warm, cute.

Wear a warm soft hug all day long with this cuddly denim parka. The soft and fluffy lining around the large hood is removable making this an option for those warmer months. The entire garment is padded with cotton for that warm snuggly feeling, with a patterned breathable soft internal lining. Closing at the front via zipper and snap buttons to keep the wind out. A waistline draw string to both insulate your upper body from the cold and also accentuate your natural figure. The silhouette is flared at the waist so this is not your typical boxy coat and when the drawstring is closed tight it even further shows off your natural curves.

The unique patchwork pockets draw the eye and the stitching flows smoothly around the coat, making it very pleasing to the eye but also practical and warm. This is an excellent choice for your everyday winter denim coat and one that will earn it's place in your collection.

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