Red Turn Down Patchwork Denim Jacket

£36.99 GBP £31.99 GBP

Chic, cute, retro.

A cute all time classical patchwork denim jacket with a retro red twist! The patchwork stitching is subtle but cleverly designed to draw the eye and create that classical retro look. The large metallic buttons catch the eye and play off the bright red denim. The wide turn down collar is again a retro vintage design and is essential for capturing the retro look but also gives you the option to wear it off shoulder. The button down cuffed sleeves give you the option to turn them up and go for a more bold confident look.

At first glance this denim jacket is big and bold however there are a few key subtle vintage design choices at play here that all work together to make this a unique and versatile jacket.

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